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Pre-Call Planning

4 Videos Available

Opening the Call

6 Videos Available

Questions and Listening

5 Videos Available


8 Videos Available


4 Videos Available

Close the Call

7 Videos Available

Additional Video courses

In addition to our videos designed to reinforce selling behaviors, we also have courses on the following: 

  • How to Master Two-Product Calls (4 videos)
  • Mastering Competitive Selling (5 videos)
  • How to Master Hallway Calls (4 videos)
  • How to Immediately Get More Time with Busy Physicians (4 videos)
  • How to Advance the Call Continuum More Rapidly (5 videos)
  • Persuasion Mastery (5 videos)
  • Psychology of Gaining Physician Commitments (5 videos)
  • Zero to Sixty Product Launch (4 videos)
  • How to Sell with Clinical Studies (4 videos)
  • How to Advance the Call Continuum More Rapidly (Presenting)
  • Get Doctors on Board with Your New Product, Indication, or Idea (Advanced Topic)
  • How to Listen and Stay in the Moment (3 videos)
  • How to Create a Sense of Urgency in Doctors (Presenting)
  • How to Ask Doctor More Powerful Questions (Questions)

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