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The following workshops are available as live workshops or can be pre-packaged as workshops in a box.

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mastering virtual selling

We have trained over 17,000 reps on the topic virtual & hybrid selling. This workshop is a must have for reps who sell virtually.

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Mastering Hybrid selling

Help your representatives master the new selling environment. We have trained over 17,000 reps on the topic virtual & hybrid selling. 

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mastering the close

Closing is a difficult skill to master. This workshop helps representatives rediscover the value of closing so it becomes a natural part of what they do. or (888) 878-3055 to learn more

Mastering hallway calls

Up to 70% of today’s calls take place in hallways. Yet, most representatives lack the skills necessary to make impact during hallway calls. This workshop provides specific strategies for improving performance during hallway calls. 

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disrupting the status quo

How can your reps change HCPs who never seem to change? Are there some simple ways to break the pattern and move to the next level? This workshop provides practical steps. (888) 878-3055 to learn more

Portfolio Selling

Most representatives are challenged by the multi-product call, especially during quick hallway calls. This program helps representatives get over their fear of two-product calls and provides specific techniques for getting better results. 

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Clinical selling

Up to 87% of HCPs say that they use clinical data to make decisions. Our clinical selling videos can help your team stand out.  

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Challenging the hcp's mindset

What is the best way to challenge the HCP’s mindset? Are there really ways to create positive tension so you can move to the next level? This workshop provides fresh ideas. 

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Questioning and listening

Almost any salesperson can become better at questioning and listening. The workshop provides practical strategies for improvement. 

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